Ghan mool (घन मुल) Pooja Kit | 1 pck




The Gandmool Dosh in the Kundali or Horoscope of an individual can cause Gandmool Dosha effects which are not auspicious leading to serious problems during the life of a person. Gandmool ki pooja, also known as Gandmool Shanti Puja, is the best of the Gandmool Dosha remedies, and when performed with proper Vedic puja vidhi, it can successfully reverse any negative impact or negative outcome of this unfavourable inborn Dosha. Gandmool pooja Vidhi of placing 27 different plants leaves and water collected from 27 different places. Nandi Shradh, 27 Nakshatra Puja, Pradhan Nakshatra Devta Puja as per muhurta, Poorvang Karma, Ashtottara Namavali Path, Nakshatra mantra Japa of varying chants, Homa with planetary herbs.


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